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Recent news :

– delivered speeches at The Canada Job Expo (held every 2 months).
– featured on Rogers TV show “Daytime Toronto” on June 8th, 2011.
– Toronto Public library really liked the book and ordered 15 copies.
– book launch June 26th Sunday 1-3 pm at the Chapters & Indigo store at The Eaton Centre.

According to Statistics Canada, 255,650 new immigrants settled in Toronto between 2006-2009. This is 34.7 % of immigrants that arrived in Canada during that period. If the next 7 years including 2010 are considered, the figure will be approximately 1 million. My book “How To Succeed In Toronto” was written to help these and other immigrants succeed in Toronto ( Greater Toronto Area ). It is also great for non-immigrants who would like to learn how to succeed here.

It has not only practical details such as how to use the TTC, read maps, directions to fun places like parks etc. but also covers important topics such as finding a job, finding a good place to live etc.Click the “Table of Contents” tab above to view the table of contents of the book.

Please add this website to the favourites of your internet browser and visit often to check the “Great Deals”, “Contacts you need” and “Other useful books” pages. More interesting content will be added to this website regularly.

With a genuine interest in helping new immigrants, I have tried to impart the knowledge gained in the last 12 years as an immigrant. Just imagine how much relief and joy we could bring to the hundreds and thousands of new immigrants and help make their dreams come true !

To view my video interview with Catherine MacDonald on how to succeed as a new immigrant in Toronto, click here and select the episode titled September 13: Hirantha Nandasena. Click here to view my interview on this topic with Hugh Riley on “Liquid Lunch” on www.ThatChannel.com.

By applying the principles mentioned in the book, I was in a position to retire or semi-retire in 2011 at the age of 33, but I prefer to work at least for a while as I enjoy my job. I will use my spare time to write more books and help immigrants and non-profit organizations. If there is a will, there is a way ! You have the will so, let me show you the way ! Thank you !

Hirantha Nandasena

Reviews :

Beth Adams, Pacific Book Review :

“All in all, I would recommend Success in Toronto to anyone in route to this spectacular city for a week, a month, a year or a lifetime. Buying this book can be the best few dollars spent which will save you time and money, enhance your enjoyment of the area, and provide you with more confidence during your relocation experience. As Hirantha Nandasena interleaves a joke into every chapter, his light-hearted approach to providing humble advice is well postured for an enjoyable read, and a necessity for building your future in beautiful Toronto, Canada.”

Jim Pagiamtzis :
( Published Author,Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur
“Get Connected Make Wealth Happen” www.jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.com )

“Succes in Toronto is the blueprint that all new-comers should read and apply, Hirantha has connected all the dots to make it happen in a simple and systematic way that is easy to follow. Humor throughout the book is the icing on the cake that made it an enjoyable and effective read”

Ruwan Jayakody :

“Author has fulfilled an area that is needed by every immigrant who is coming to Toronto.
‘Success in Toronto’ has put all you need in one read. Hirantha’s effort to put all his hard earned experience in one lesson will help thousands of immigrants yet to come to Canada. This repertoire will lead new immigrants to the journey of a new generation”

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