Reviews :

Beth Adams, Pacific Book Review :

“Immigrants’ moving to Toronto, in a new country is a daunting task to people unfamiliar with the Canadian culture. In Success in Toronto: A Guide for New Immigrants, Hirantha Nandasena has taken the guess work out of the undertaking by chiseling away, fact by fact, the ambiguities one needs to address and thus whittling down a game plan for achieving a successful and enjoyable relocation ordeal.
Hirantha Nandasena begins by writing how you need to create a network of people; in your neighborhood, in your industry, and within your interests. He writes about the need to save money; “$50,000 in five years,” and how to go about achieving this. To save money it’s important to know the free services the country provides, such as health care for permanent residents and how to file for this privilege. The transit system, the banking system, the credit system – all play a key part in the saving of money and the building of financial security. Hirantha Nandasena is ever so detailed in his advice by even mentioning the change in your pocket can be used to pay for groceries using the coin devices located in many stores.
The law about apartment buildings needing to be maintained by the landlord at a comfortable temperature was very interesting, as Hirantha Nandasena provides the phone number for the governmental agency to contact should the landlord not comply. He even writes by telling the landlord you will contact the ministry often is all required to get quick action. Taking a gambling tour bus “package” to visit Niagara Falls in lieu of paying the tourist fees of competitive services was also very clever – of course coming with his stiff warning about not gambling away your savings. The details as to
how to save money, avoid getting ripped off, and many common sense suggestions are humbly presented in a referenced guide easy to navigate.
Good advice is simply good advice. Many of Hirantha Nandasena’s suggestions are subject to your interpretation, such as shopping at Wal-Mart for winter clothing or seeking the half-off sale at a Goodwill Thrift store. Some might chose to shop elsewhere, but again be aware of savings and sales given by all stores. The saving of money by avoiding the overlapping of cell phone, land line, cable TV and Internet services for home expenditures whereas many can be done via Skype and YouTube are truly common sense suggestions for everyone, no matter where you reside. The transit advice for Toronto will be invaluable for any newly arriving person, or tourist for that matter. The “window” into Canadian culture was interesting, showing the sophistication of their society and the welcoming of diversity.
All in all, I would recommend Success in Toronto to anyone in route to this spectacular city for a week, a month, a year or a lifetime. Buying this book can be the best few dollars spent which will save you time and money, enhance your enjoyment of the area, and provide you with more confidence during your relocation experience. As Hirantha Nandasena interleaves a joke into every chapter, his light-hearted approach to providing humble advice is well postured for an enjoyable read, and a necessity for building your future in beautiful Toronto, Canada.”

Jim Pagiamtzis :
( Published Author,Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur
“Get Connected Make Wealth Happen” )

“Succes in Toronto is the blueprint that all new-comers should read and apply, Hirantha has connected all the dots to make it happen in a simple and systematic way that is easy to follow. Humor throughout the book is the icing on the cake that made it an enjoyable and effective read”

Ruwan Jayakody :

“Author has fulfilled an area that is needed by every immigrant who is coming to Toronto.
‘Success in Toronto’ has put all you need in one read. Hirantha’s effort to put all his hard earned experience in one lesson will help thousands of immigrants yet to come to Canada. This repertoire will lead new immigrants to the journey of a new generation”